R3 Manufacturing Ltd. is proud to offer custom built medium pressure autoclaves & resin casting systems to the rapid prototyping industry. 


Looking for high quality, ASME Code stamped medium pressure autoclave or casting vessels?

We are the industry leader in building high performance medium pressure autoclaves & casting tanks for rapid prototype shops, research & development companies, universities, aviation,automotive,and consumer goods suppliers. Let us help you set your casting shop up for success.

With many options available,we can produce the safest tank for use with curing resin,carbon fiber, degassing,drying,and testing products. 

As you may know silicon molds are one of the most economical mediums to cast urethane reproductions. However, to get a void-free copy repeatedly, it is necessary to place the RTV mold in an artificial environment that is the appropriate size, temperature, and pressure. Our tanks can also be setup to run carbon fiber,with HMI Touch Screen / PLC programable ramping controllers, recordable data, and high temp capibilities, insulated to reduce heat loss.


Let us help you today to achieve the production your shop needs with our medium pressure autoclaves,& casting systems!


Government Contractor Cage Code - 62TD1



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"Thoughtfully designed and easy to use; not your typical converted paint pressure pot. Professionally built, high quality pressure casting tank."

Patrick Evans

April 2017

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