Available Upgrades

We currently have the following upgrades available for our systems. Different options are available upon request. 

Mid/Lower Shelves

  • Expand mold capacity with added shelving units. Shelves are retractable and give quick access to molds inside of the tank.



Legs with Casters, and Levelers

  • Tanks can be moved quickly and easily with the addition of legs and casters. This upgrade is used when the tank is to be moved or transported, and the short stand is not enough to raise the tank to the level of the operator.



Digital Forced Air Heating System

  • Unit is self contained and will work in most 24"X48" tanks setting on support rails spaced 8" apart. System requires 120V single phase, 30amp and will produce temperatures up to 150*F.


 Casting Port

  • Use this when the tank requires filling the molds inside the tank under vacuum. The port will then allow the tank to seal off when the static mix tube is withdrawn and pressure is applied to the tank, all done without moving the mold.



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