Established in 2006, R3 Manufacturing Ltd. is an American company that manufactures custom ASME Code Stamped "U"MEDIUM  PRESSURE AUTOCLAVES & CASTING TANKS. We have served many companies, laboratories, and model shops around the world including: United States Military, Motorola, Blizzard Entertainment, Yazaki, Vata, John-Hopkins University, Privateer Press, and many more.

We are unique in that we handle all aspects of the manufacturing process—from the design inception to  its production, and will work with you each step of the way to ensure our product meets the requirements and specifications your shop needs.


We develop and build tanks from 18"-48" diameter X 24"-120" long that are used to create an artificial atmosphere to pressurize,vacuum, degass, and heat a client's cast parts- effectively removing air pockets and voids to give you crystal clear results. Our tanks can also be setup to use as an autoclave to process carbon fiber, ulitizing HMI Touch Screen / PLC process ramping controls,and insulation around the tank to maintain temperature levels above 150°F to 250°F



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